"ChemSheet combines the flexibility and practicality of spreadsheet applications with rigorous, multi-phase thermodynamic calculations. Each application is defined as an independent worksheet in Microsoft Excel®, in which the entire simulation can be done."

Worldwide, the thermodynamic programs ChemSage and SOLGASMIX are used in many hundreds of universities and R&D laboratories to obtain results reliably, quickly and efficiently. Now ChemSheet brings the power of these well established thermochemical programs into the reach of everybody, who is familiar with EXCEL spreadsheets.

The input and output of the spreadsheet model are linked to the ChemApp thermodynamic programming library. ChemApp is GTT-Technologies' programmer's library for the calculation of multicomponent, multiphase chemical equilibria and their associated energy balances.

 ChemSheet is also available as ChemSheet Light - the free demo version of ChemSheet! Please find the package here

 See ChemSheet Model calculation shown as animated gif files to see how easy it is to do different kind of case studies with ChemSheet.